Hogtied on the bed and unable to move, I could just about see him from theĀ corner of my eye. Walking with such purpose, silent, as I see him.. those black latex gloves. My heart starts to pound and I can hear my muffled voice try to speak as he pours a bunch of tiny white packeted needles out in front of me. I’m scared of needles, but I have a gag in my mouth so I’m in no position to tell him this. Besides, he already knows..

Sinful Sunday

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Sometimes Daddy plays guitar and sings songs to me.. I can’t get enough of seeing his hands move up and down the guitar. How handsome is my daddy?

Sinful Sunday

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Lady In The Street…

Daddy never did give me those back…

Sinful Sunday

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Daddy’s Cunt

If it’s written.. it must be true..

Sinful Sunday

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A Reminder

Sometimes I forget that I’m just a toy, a collection of holes to be used. Daddy knows how to remind me.

Sinful Sunday

Don’t forget to see who else is being Sinful this Sunday..

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A Moment CapturedĀ 

Sinful Sunday

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“Don’t You Dare Fucking Stop”

“Come. Be a good girl and sit on Daddy’s cock”

The words sent shivers down her spine. Despite the trepidation she felt, she didn’t hesitate in her task. Daddy wanted to be inside her.

No words more needed to be exchanged, she knew what was expected.

Both already naked, she moved her body on top of his. Normally she wouldn’t be ready so soon, but his cock was wet from her mouth and her cunt always responded when she sucked his cock, meaning she gasped as he slipped into her with ease.

The feeling of his cock pushing into her for the first time; stretching her, making her want more.

With him inside her and his hands gripped at her hips, she began to rock back and forth. Looking down at him, she could see the way he looked at her body. Leaning back slightly and arching her back she pushed her breasts upwards – improving his view her only motivation.

His hands guided her hips to where he wanted her as she fucked him. No, as he fucked her. Even though she was on top, she was never in control. Not with him. She felt even more vulnerable in this position; unsure of her rhythm and her body and if she could keep up. But she loved the noises he made, every breath and groan and “fuck” only spurred her on.

His hands gripped tighter and moved her faster and faster. Her body was warm, she could feel the sweat starting to form on her back and chest. She felt the hairs of the back of her neck rise, she wanted so badly to touch herself, to come with his cock deep inside her. But this wasn’t about her. It wasn’t about her pleasure. In this moment, her body was merely a tool. Everything fully for his pleasure. Fuck, how she wanted to please him.

By now signs of struggle were etched on to her face. Her body was shaking and sensitive and every movement felt like beautiful torture. Her cheeks burned as she felt was wet she was, she was making such a mess over Daddy.

Exhausted, she grabbed at his chest and used him to hold herself up. Her body drenched, hair on her face, she could feel her rhythm start to slow. She didn’t think she could take anymore, her whole body was sensitive to the touch. For a second she thought he might relent and let her rest, until she felt his fingers dig deep into her hips.

“Don’t you dare fucking stop”

His voice and moans were ragged, primal. The words went straight to her cunt and almost made her falter; desperation filled her face, all she could think about was Daddy coming inside of her. She composed herself just enough to control her body, riding him harder and faster than before.

He was close.

He pulled her towards him one last time and she felt the warmth and wetness as he filled her cunt. She no longer felt like her body was hers, it’s his to use as he pleases. She exhaled and collapsed on top of him, her hands desperately clinging to his chest, feeling so small and fragile as his arms wrapped around her.


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